Another Trophy: Mutmacher-Trophäe

Date: 30.03.2023
Another Trophy: Mutmacher-Trophäe

On March 28th, 2023 RockLogic was awarded the “Mutmacher-Trophäe” by the Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich (WK NÖ).

This award, a trophy for encouragement, is granted to upcoming enterprises from Lower Austria by the Chamber of Commerce of Lower Austria, to acknowledge and foster their contribution to a sustainable commercial development of the region.

We were honoured to achieve the price personally by Wolfgang Ecker, president of the WK NÖ. (© Foto: Tanja Wagner).

The funny hand in front of our founder is actually the trophy, not a print on his t-shirt.

Along with the trophy came an article in the WK NÖ’s own newspaper.

Another Trophy: Mutmacher-Trophäe

As this is in German, please read here what it says:

Stereum by RockLogic

A software tool from Stockerau took first place in the encouragement campaign, category “Internationalization”.

For Wolfgang Ecker (left), “RockLogic” is a real role model.

The software tool “Stereum” from the company “RockLogic” from Stockerau impressed in the encouragement campaign in the “Internationalization” category. Stereum is a freely licensed software tool that makes it easy to set up and maintain an Ethereum node. The software tool relies on self-sovereignty, flexibility and data protection. The entrepreneurs achieved a breakthrough in the world of blockchains (distributed public database). “With the help of the program, even people with little knowledge of technology can manage the setup and maintenance of an Ethereum node, also known as a node,” emphasizes RockLogic managing director Stefan Kobrc.