RockLogic Works Green!

Date: 24.08.2023
RockLogic Works Green!

At RockLogic, we are only less than 20 team members, but even as a small company we want to make an impact for a greener future.

By working decentralized most of the time, we give our employees the flexibility they need, while at the same time reducing commuting to a minimum. For the few times we join each other in person, or when we host one of our Stereum workshops, we use a shared office for our meetings which is being used by others when we are not there. Also, the conference room is in an office building that has been awarded with the EU Green Building Award 2013 and the award by the Austrian Society for Sustainable Building in 2014. And it is easily accessible via public transportation.

Both our office in Leitzersbrunn and our two data centers only use green power, making our contribution to the Ethereum Blockchain environmentally friendly. And don’t forget: Since September 15th, 2022 Ethereum uses proof-of-stake for validation, which reduced the network’s energy consumption by 99 %.