Stereum 1.0 - 2021

Date: 05.07.2021
Stereum 1.0 - 2021

Welcome to the website of RockLogic, the creator of Stereum!

We’d like to provide you with a little story of how Stereum was “born” and what our intentions with it are.

A Little Bit of History

It all began in 2019, when Rocklogic’s founder Stefan Kobrc asked himself: “how to set up an Ethereum node in a less complicated way than this works now?” So, he worked on a docker composer for his own personal use, took a chance on an ETH Foundation development grant and, along the way, hired a few experts to support him.

Their Vision

In Q1 2021, the growing Stereum team decided that Stereum is to lower the technical bar to setting up an Ethereum node - under the assumption that, if Ethereum truly works, at some point everyone will need a node in some compacity.

Also, Stereum’s goal is to keep the Ethereum network decentralized and neutral by giving as many people as possible a way to participate in Ethereum on a network level.

Stereum 1.0

The basic idea then was to start with a simple user interface (UI) and build up from there. On the 5th of July, 2021, Stereum 1.0 was released. Its goal is to simplify running a staking node by an intuitive UI (without having to type in text using a CLI, command line interface).

Features of Stereum 1.0

  • GUI

  • Auto Update

  • Fast Sync

  • Mobile App

  • Config Import & Export

  • Linux Support

Find more details of Stereum 1.0 here